TouchCopy is an app that works on both Mac and iOS devices. It lets you copy data from your iPod or iPhone to your Mac or straight into iTunes.

You can be sure that TouchCopy will back up everything, including meta data, play counts, ratings, album art, and even pictures. You can also check your iPod or iPhone for certain songs, or you can connect your iPod to your Mac and play music right from it.

TouchCopy is a great alternative to the official Apple program if you don’t know how to run it or don’t want to. This Windows program makes it easy to copy things from your iPhone. This app lets you save a lot of things, like calls, texts, contacts, and more. This program can even save songs from your iPod.

You only need to run the app and connect your device to the PC to use TouchCopy. It will automatically show all of the files at once. You can sort your music files by genre, singer, and album, or you can make a general list from which you can choose which songs to keep. Not only can you save your messages as PDF files, but you can also print the chats right away.  You can also Download Microsoft Toolkit 


Computer to Device Syncing:

Move the song library on your computer to your device.

Transferring friends:

  • Move friends, calendars, notes, and more from your phone to your computer.
  • Syncing from one device to another lets you move music, pictures, and data between them.
  • This app will help you find and get rid of similar tracks in your music library.

File Transfer:

You can move things from your computer to your device.

Management of a Library:

  • Use your computer to arrange and manage your music library.
  • Change the format of music and videos so they can be played on different platforms.

Message Transfer:

Move voicemails, texts, and iMessages from your phone to your computer.

Playing music:

  • You don’t need iTunes to play music from your iPhone or iPod.
  • You can copy songs, playlists, podcasts, and other things to and from your PC or Mac.

Music Visualization:

Make beautiful pictures of your music library.


  • Move pictures and videos from your iPhone or iPad to your computer.
  • Voice Memo Transfer lets you move voice memos from your phone to your computer.

Current version

Additional info
January 01 2024
File Name: TouchCopy.rar


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