Free Download CopyQueue full version standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a utility for managing file transfers.

CopierQueue works great with big files and slow links. If a file transfer gets stopped, you don’t have to worry because CopyQueue lets you start it up again. You don’t have to worry about how long a file transfer will take because you can stop it at any time and start it again later. Use the built-in plan and bandwidth limits to keep the network from being overloaded and finish transfers overnight without being there. If you copy big files often, CopyQueue will be very helpful for you. You can also Download Syncthing 

Features of CopyQueue for macOS

It is faster and easier to copy many things than with OS X.
You can stop and start file transfers, even after the network has been restarted or reconnected. You can keep transferring even after a week or months have passed.
Once you have started copying, choose which files to send first. You can even set them to automatically sort by size or time left so the things you need to finish first get done.
Try again and restart transfers that failed when the network went down
If you are using an unreliable connection, you can check that every byte is copied properly if you want to.
You can limit how much network bandwidth is used so that you don’t stop other users or go over your allotted amount.
Plan big moves for times when they aren’t as busy, like overnight.

System Requirements

MacOS X 11.0 or later

Current version

Additional info
January 03 2024
File Name: CopyQueue 3.1 macOS.rar
Version: 3.1


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