Free Download Geometry Pad Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It simplifies geometric exploration, allowing users to create, manipulate, and analyze fundamental shapes for educational and practical purposes.

It turns your gadget into a virtual painting surface for exploring geometry. The app gives users a workbook that they can scroll and zoom in on, along with a rectangular coordinate system that makes it easy to see and work with forms. In addition to letting users make things, it lets them explore the properties of geometric shapes and do math, which makes it a very useful tool for both learning and real-life situations. You can also Download Photomath 


Shape Creation and Manipulation:

The app has an easy-to-use interface for making basic geometric shapes like squares, circles, lines, and polygons. Shapes are easy for users to drag, resize, and move to try out different arrangements.

Property Exploration:

Explore and change the qualities of shapes to get to know the world of geometry better. By changing the lengths, angles, and dimensions of the building, you can see how the changes affect the whole thing. This helps you understand geometric ideas in a more concrete way.

Calculation Metrics:

The app does more than just display images; it also lets users figure out different metrics linked to shapes. It turns geometry into a lively and dynamic learning experience, whether you’re looking for the area, the perimeter, or the angles.

Dynamic Coordinate System:

The rectangular coordinate system gives you an exact grid for measuring and placing things. This trait improves accuracy and makes it easier to get a better sense of how things in space relate to each other.
Interactive Workbook:

This is a great tool for presentations and group learning because users can easily move between their works.

Customization choices:

You can make your geometric creations unique by choosing from a number of different customization choices.  You can make your designs more interesting to look at and easier to understand by changing the colors, styles, and names.

Real-Time Feedback:

As you change shapes and features, you get feedback right away. This real-time response makes learning more fun by letting people see the results of their actions right away.

Offline Accessibility:

This feature makes sure that users can view and work on their geometric projects whenever they want, without being connected to the internet all the time. You can export and share your geometric designs with other people or keep them for yourself. The app lets you share projects in a number of different formats, which makes them useful for both personal use and group work.

System Requirements

  • Android 5.0+

Current version

Additional info
December 26 2023
File Name: Geometry Pad v2.12.1.apk
Version: 2.12.1


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