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Smallpdf – PDF Scanner & Editor 1.74.0

Smallpdf, a PDF scanner & editor for Android, is well-known for its web-based services, and they have expanded their capabilities to include mobile devices. They offer a variety of PDF utilities within a single application that is convenient to use. The primary objective of the application is to provide a wide range of functionalities, including

Lucky Patcher 11.2.4

The Lucky Patcher Download allows users to perform a variety of tasks, including changing permissions, removing annoying advertisements, and creating backups of other applications. A straightforward approach to learning how to use Lucky Patcher is the goal of the Lucky Patcher Guide. Depending on what you wish to accomplish, this tool will provide you with

Skit Premium – apps manager 3.3 Beta

Skit Premium for Android is the application manager that is both the easiest to use and the most intelligent for your device. The ability to share or extract any user or system application is available to you. In addition to that, you can inspect the application hierarchy and the APK format! The component makes a

CCleaner – Phone Cleaner 24.08.0

CCleaner Free Download is one of the most famous and often-used Windows maintenance programs. Luckily, there is now an actual Piriform app for Android devices that lets you do almost everything the desktop version does. As easy to use as its PC version, CCleaner for Android only requires you to tap the “analyze” button. Within

Hibernator: Force Stop Apps 2.36.6

The Hibernator app is a great way to quickly and easily make your smartphone work better. Because its user interface has been carefully considered, Hibernator is incredibly simple to use. You can view the amount of random access memory (RAM) that your phone is utilizing as well as the applications that consume the most power,

Work Shift Calendar

The Work Shift Calendar Free Download is a powerful tool designed to meet the specific scheduling needs of shift workers. It lets users keep meticulous records of workdays, easily handle earnings, and make schedules more efficient with an integrated statistics system. The highly customizable shifts feature lets you set specific work hours, plan for split

TV Remote – Universal Control 1.4.7

The TV Remote: Universal Control Download application has a lot of features and is meant to change the way people use their TVs. This app can turn your device into a full remote control. It has basic functions like changing channels and adjusting the volume, as well as more advanced ones like a full keyboard

VPN Inf – Security Fast VPN 7.6.602

VPN Inf for Android is a full VPN service that lets you browse the web safely and privately. Press the “Connect” button when you open the tool to have it choose a server to connect to. The server you pick will depend on how far away you are from it and how busy that server

Smart Launcher 6 v6.4 build 021

Smart Launcher for Android is a new and useful Android app that makes the home screen experience easier, faster, and more flexible. The Smart Launcher Team created this app to help users get the most out of their phones. Smart Launcher is great for people who want to make their Android device more personal because

Solid Explorer File Manager 2.8.39

The Solid Explorer File Manager app lets you view the files on your device and automatically groups them into collections. You can go through files, delete them, move them, change their names, and share them. By using a criteria-based, organized search, you can quickly find the files. It can encrypt some files with a robust